Guest Book

There is so much love and care that has gone into building and decorating this home,

that love permeates these walls, crooks and crannies. That’s what makes this a sacred place.

Thank you for sharing it with so many. We leave here feeling peaceful, calm & yet energized!

This is much more than a cottage rental, it is a warm gift.

      – Michelle - Aylmer, Quebec         Lynel - Boulder, Colorado

How can one not start the day refreshed and joy filled, when one is awakened by a “quack” followed by a “quack, quack”?!

Thanks to le Canotier’s gift to all who share its flying canoe rafters, rain hitting its tin roof,

great sights, reading & music…

     – Monique & James - Aylmer, Quebec

… there were a few times when the silence was so thorough our ears ached from stretching!

We watched a beaver eat pickerelweed like spaghetti and were awakened in a fright by a raccoon

on the roof in the full moon! Wish we could stay two weeks!

     – Lynette & Nadia - London, Ontario

We had such a lovely time at the cabin - so cozy and romantic.

Scenery and solitude is spectacular.

     – Brenda & Rob - Ottawa, Ontario